Site News: Good News For People Who Like Sellouts

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Well it's a big damn day for the entire WoW family. A couple weeks ago ESPN The Mag approached us about chronicling our favorite, most shrimptastic walkoff walks of the season. We gladly obliged. It'll be in the new issue of the mag out Monday, but here for your Friday afternoon pleasure is the eeeeelectronic copy.


And, yes. There's my real name. Go crazy.

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At least Metallica was around for 15 years before they sold out.

Hey. I'll be 15 in a couple months.

The boys done come up. I'm so proud...

Great, now Sellout by Reel Big Fish is going to be stuck in my head all day.

Seriously, that's awesome, and hopefully there's more.

This is worse than when Dylan went electric*.

*actually I don't care, way to go.

Nice. Kudos to you.
/not the crappy candy bar, either.

Also, I think it's longer in the magazine. They asked for our 5 favorite.


Get your paper young hustlas.

What happened to the CTC and Rob I. I used to know?

Yay, more fun with numbered commenters!


Well, it makes sense that they would cut it down for the web. You know, space limitations and all.

This is going right up on my imaginary web friend refrigerator.

Does this mean regular commenters get deep discounts on espn fleece products?

Way to go, guys. This is a fantastic blog and it looks like more and more people are finding it.


Yeah, that's me. That's my zany ESPN handle used for the fantasy baseball teams that nobody cares about.

How long til CTC is anchoring the MSNBC election coverage?

I knew that comment was "one of us" but the potential for more yahoo-styled shenanigans excites me.

More people comment on this blog than watch MSNBC election coverage.

Also, I think it's longer in the magazine. They asked for our 5 favorite.

They do realize that's the OPPOSITE of what you're supposed to do, right? Unlimited cyberspace, yaddayaddayadda?

Late, but congrats.

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