Steve Balboni, The Next Big Thing- 1980

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Today's Classic TV Friday post is a profile on former Yankee slugger and the pride of Brockton, MA, Steve Balboni. No, it's not a "where are they now" bit showing Balboni creating his own line of BBQ sauce or coach a high school team in the Falkland Islands, it's a profile of him when he was still in the minors with the Nashville Sounds. Enjoy an interview with a young man full of promise, that kind of, I guess, maybe, got fulfilled!

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In the late seventies and early eighties, everyone was ugly. Even our parents. Even lobster baby would have been hideous had its picture been taken circa 1979.

You are joking about the Pride of Brockton thing, right?
I'm pretty sure there was another, more famous athlete from there.

Or you're talking about that Italian Actor guy, right? He's alright too.

I still refer to him as Steve "bye-bye" Balboni

Which is higher/wider/whiter, the Three Gorges Dam or that outfield wall in Nashville?

Wikipedia just told me that Brockton is named after Isaac Brock. I assume that was around when Lonesome Crowded West came out. It totally still holds up, and I'm gonna listen to it this afternoon.

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