Take it to the Streets

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contemplation.jpgThe second last Saturday of the year still holds playoff implications. 7 days from now this could all be wrapped ensuring use all the AAAA experience.

It's unsafe at night way up in these northern climes: Day games remind us all of simpler times. When the Blue Jays and Yankees weren't just highly proficient also-rans. When Baltimore actually staffed their team with Major League-level talent. When the A's and Mariners weren't forced into day action to prevent spoiling the last remaining dinner BBQ's in the Bay area. Jon Lester and Roy Halladay are going to put on a show at Fenway North. My wrists are opening from joy and anticipation.

The Number of Studio Analysts is Directly Proportional to the Nation's Interest: Fox has some worthwhile games on their schedule for all the NL Central fans from coast to coast. CC and his Brewers hope to bounce back against the young, strapping Reds. The Cubs and Cards game is the match up favoured by unfailingly polite and the impressively drunk. Ted Lilly comes off a one hitter, Joel PiƱeiro comes off a contact high. The Rays can clinch their first ever playoff birth by beating the dazed Twins. Scott Kazmir is pitching the first half of the game, God knows who Madden will turn to after the 4th.

Saturday Night's Alright for...Doing Anything Else: Tonight's slate of games is pretty grim. The Mets are playing Weekend at Pedro's in Atlanta, the excellent Gavin Floyd faces the constantly rebuilding Royals. Will you accept a lame Country Joe Blanton versus the Fish pun? Is that even a pun? If a team wins its tenth straight, but nobody's there to see it, did it really happen?

There is potential for champagne to flow for Boston and in Chicago. Have your fun Cubbies, just promise not to over do it with that God-forsaken song.

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