The Last Evening: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 1:05 Rays at Tigers: I sit here writing this afternoon preview, looking at how ridiculous my preseason predictions were. The Rays' AL East magic number is 1, and the Tigers, the Tigers that I so lustfully praised before seeing them play, sit a full game BEHIND THE ROYALS in last place. Wowza. Tampa sends Scott Kazmir out to face that Gallaraga dude, and by the end of your work day you could be living in a world where the Tampa Bay Rays hold a division title. Strange days, man.

  • 2:15, Snakes at Cardinals: I often make fun of players' facial hair. It's always atrocious, but still... Doug Davis... that thing on your chin is a travesty. It's an affront to all that is good in the world. It looks like the skid mark in grandpa's drawers. Fix it and then go to the mound to take on Joel Pineiro (not doing his chin any favors, either) and the Cardinals. A St. Louis win would clinch playoffs for the Dodgers.

  • Now Till Eternity, Me: Doing my Uncle Jesse thing.

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Well, if even Ben Zobrist homers, I think it's just destiny that the Rays win the AL East.

Best bandwagon I ever jumped on in May!!

I believe the book of Revelations mentions the Rays inheriting the East. I'm paraphrasing, but it's in the Bible.

Letters to a Young Poet

Uncle Jesse wears red;
Big Tilde feels blue,
The Tigers are in last place,
And that makes me want to spew.

When Miggy Cabrera strikes out on five straight fastballs, you know he's been eating Andruw Jones.

That is some pretty bad facial hair but this attempt to grow facial hair is just pathetic

BTW, Todd Jones has apparently figured out how to open multiple tabs/browser windows. He's everywhere.

The tigers have led off 4 of the 5 innings with dongs. That has been their only scoring. I wonder what the record is for number of dingers to lead off an inning during game is.

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