The Majesty Of Yankee Stadium Will Live On In Endless Depositions

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In the annals of our nation's justice system there are trials that serve as benchmarks for entire eras of our history. There's Brown v. Board of Education, Plessy v. Ferguson, Roe v. Wade, and a bunch of other ones I don't know because I was smart enough to avoid law school.

Well, get ready to add another one to the list because Paul Russo v. Steve promises to shake jurisprudence to its very core.

Yankee fan Paul Russo says he is the rightful owner of the ball smacked by Jose Molina over the left-center field fence during the historic final game.

"I was a part of history, and it's making me sick," said Russo, 31, of Manhattan. The soaring shot landed on the netting that covers the seats in front of the famed Monument Park.

Another fan, identified only as Steve, grabbed the ball through the netting, but he let it go and it bounced down into Russo's hands.

When security guards told Russo to give them the ball, he thought they were going to help him get the valuable piece of history authenticated by the Yanks. Instead, they gave it to "Steve."

The article says that Russo, a schoolteacher, is unsure whether or not he'll pursue legal action. We all know that he is definitely freaking going to. I mean, there is precedent for this kind of stuff. What a country! Hey Paul, if you need a lawyer, I found a guy.

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C'mon, here's the only lawyer you need:

Odds "Steve" is one of NY's finest: Infinity to 1

Bob Loblaw is available for a nominal fee.

The OJ trial was so long ago, the only photo CTC could find of Judge Ito is a sepia-toned old timey novelty photo from a trip to a Western ghost town.

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