The Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch: Thursday, September 11th

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linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Tuesday and Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • EJ Fagan says what everyone has been thinking forever: the BBWAA award system is broken. It's sad that the BBWAA can collectively be so daft.

  • Jonah Keri expounds on the most devastating injuries that have derailed the playoff hopes of baseball teams. Any column that namedrops Gary DiSarcina is a good one. ESPN Page 2.

  • Maury Brown makes some suggestions for fixing the flailing Nationals franchise. Dude, don't help them out. It's more fun to watch them strugggggggggle. Biz of Baseball.

  • GEICO's Matt Cerrone shits all over The 700 Level's Dan Levy and jinxes his team. MetsBlog brought to you by GEICO.

  • Look! Another fucking listicle! Just what the sportsblogosphere needs! Simon on Sports.

  • Rinku nearly cut himself making pork ribs. Again. Will these boys ever learn? The Million Dollar Arm Blog.

  • Our first Walkoff Walk Pants Party might take place this winter in...Milwaukee? Brewers Blog.

  • Some chucklehead swallowed a big gulp of Thompsons Water Seal. The comments here are hilarious. FFToday Forums.

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Ueker's show sounds like a real laff riot

Wow. I can only imagine what drinking Thompson's Water Seal would do to your insides. A hot dog would go through you like it was a floom ride.

Hehehe EJ FAGan. Keep him away from Ozzie. Yeah. Heheh.


I like the guy that asks him to puke on his patio.

I like the people who fail to comprehend how it could have happened.

Those FF Today commenters were 687x funnier than I have ever been or ever will be. Bunch of jerks.

@ Honeynut Ichiros

Don't be so hard on yourself. Ten, fifteen times tops.

Thanks EJ Fagan for writing out what everyone knows already. Sadly, the awards are OWNED by the BBWAA so any ideas of giving them to someone else to hand out is a bit mystifying.

I have to call bullshit on that Thompson's Water Seal dude's call to the Poison Control Center, however. The dude answers with "this is Migel."

Everyone knows those Indian guys call themselves Dave or Jeff.

"PCT, this is.... Kevin."
"I just swalloed a few ounces of Thompson's Water Seal. What should I do."
"Did you reboot?"

Hurricane Ike would know what to do 'bout a bitch that leaves Thompson's Water Seal in a bottle of tea on the counter!

Apparently the Thompson's Water Seal guy, and the other butthead who mistook motor oil for grape juice have the WORST senses of smell known to man.

Now for a nice glass of lemonade.

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