The Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch: Thursday, September 25th

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linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Tuesday and Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • Former White Sox Rookie of the Year Ron Kittle is making furniture out of bats and balls. Yes, Ron Kittle is Baseball Jesus.

  • Jonah Keri doesn't mince words in defending Albert Pujols for MVP. He also thought I was Rob Neyer when I instant-messaged him for Montreal advice this morning. ESPN Page 2.

  • Bob Keisser does a terrific column on Baseball Analyst's own Rich Lederer, whose father was the famous Dodgers beat writer George Lederer. No mention of Bert Blyleven? Huh? Long Beach Press Telegram.

  • Derrick Goold points out that the Cardinals are the only visiting team to clinch a World Series victory twice at Yankee Stadium. Does it even count if it happened 40+ years ago? Bird Land.

  • Rinku and Dinesh were blessed by Lord Ganesha. The Million Dollar Arm Blog.

  • Joe Posnanski reflects on being a sportswriter in a town full of losers. Wait, when did he move to Losertown, Montana? Joe Posnanski.

  • Dominoes made of dominoes. Yuck.

  • The debut video from CTC's buddy's record label Cotter Records. YouTube.

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Also, Rinku makes it rain at the almond store.

My best man is collecting money on Saturday for a "make it rain" fund for that night. I can't wait.

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