TO BE! A WINNER! Starting Lineup- 1988

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Today's Classic TV Friday brings us a commerical for Starting Lineup. I still have most of mine above my bedroom door, dames love em. I'm also pretty sure one of my buddies stole my Robert Parish one in 2nd grade. Enjoy, and please catalog all Starting Lineup figures you had in the comments below.

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So, the asshole who sits at my desk at night always moves my 1998 Tony Gwynn SL figurine behind the monitors. Man, I can't wait to punch that guy in the mouth.

If anyone ever touched my Dwight Evans one I'd shove my stable remover up their ass.

Just imagine how big that has to be to remove an entire stable.

I melted all my Starting Lineups down and made an enormous Voltron figure.

Also "stable remover" is the tool CTC uses to clean the horse shit in his backyard.

Tim Raines was the most coveted one, it came with a small vial of coke

Robert Parrish was not stolen, he was shipped via FedEx and later smoked.

Mine kept getting dismembered and I would find various body parts in pockets.

The A-Rod one comes with a stable-boy remover.

In 1988 if I wasn't playing a sport or annoying my parents, I was using all free time on Nintendo. I never got into those figures.

Cesar Cedeno
Oscar Gamble
Robert Culp

by the time these came out I was more into porn than collecting figurines, but I would have owned a Don Mattingly.

Does this mean you had Don Mattingly porn? I'm super confused, UU.

no Don Mattingly porn, although he did have a porn stache.


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