Todd Rundgren's Lamest Hits Haunt Baseball Playing Son

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Rocker Todd Rundgren, who somehow has been earning enough money to keep making music for over 40 years, has a baseball-playing son. Rex Rundgren, an infielder for the Dodgers' Triple A team in Vegas, is batting .198, which is actually way higher than his dad's hit song success rate of about .002.

Not to say that Todd Rundgren has been a miserable failure in the music biz, but he's resorted to joining The Cars to pay the bills while his only two 'hits' have been burned into our collective brain by muzak pumped into Target stores and wacky radio morning shows for years. And now, they're being pumped into ballparks:

And when Rex comes to the plate in the parks of the Pacific Coast League, he's a Todd Rundgren fan all over again.

He's often greeted by a walk-up-tailored sample of "Hello, It's Me," or his father's most recognizable novelty tune, "Bang on the Drum All Day." And that song in particular, Rex says, is pretty much the only one his teammates recognize.

"Bang on the Drum All Day" is the bane of my existence. If I could find a way to delete it from the American music book, I would do it. The fact that "Drum" is a hit and "Rock N Roll Pussy" isn't a hit is a real shame. Even Rundgren himself seems reluctant to connect himself to the song:

"It's great to be known for a particular song," said Rundgren, who was decked out for Tuesday morning's game in a black suit and sneakers, a 51s hat and green-tinted sunglasses.

"When you have a song that kind of finds its way into the collective conscience and (people) don't even remember where it came from, like 'Happy Birthday,' (it makes me) feel like I've contributed something to the culture."

Keep distancing yourself from the song, Todd. We'll always know it was you.

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Yes, Todd Rundgren is kind of annoying. And yes, his solo career is pretty forgettable.

BUT he produced Bat Out Of Hell and as such gets a lifetime free pass from this WoW Editor.

I don't want to work
I just want to comment on WoW all day.

and green-tinted sunglasses

Iracane MUST have those glasses.

Also, I loathe 'Bang on the Drum' with the sort of passion that is typically reserved for child murderers and colonoscopies.

Wayne from the Flaming Lips agrees: 'Happy Birthday' is a bad-ass song.

/dumps bucket of faux uterine blood on head
/ruins white linen suit

The Cars reference was an ideal opportunity for a circa 1984 pic of Paulina Porizkova. Just sayin'.

For years I thought "Hello, It's Me" was actually sung by Carole King.

I like Todd Rundgren. There, I said it.

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