Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, I know who stole that small charcoal grill off of your deck.

  • CAN the Twins get to AJ Burnett and keep pace with the White Sox?

  • WHO claims rubber in the Capital?

  • WILL the Dodgers make it 5 in a row and continue to drag things out in the NL West?

  • WILL the Rays fall to the Yankees again? It's another chance to see Carl Pavano, recently removed from the federal endangered species list!

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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Rubbers are for high schoolers.

Unless you live in the south. Then they're for queers.

Red Sox win on a Walkoff Wild Pickoff Attempt. Does that get us anything?

It was the bum that stole the top of my grill for scrap, wasn't it? I hope it was worth the $0.065, that bummy bastard.

Actually it was a walk off sac but with an E1 on the throw to first allowing the lead runner to score from second

Oh my garsh the red sox are good.

Pedroia/Masterson '12

Gah, I've totally reverted to that stage where I utterly ignore my fantasy teams and all other MLB-related goings-on to focus all my energy on my team making the playoffs. Thanks for picking up the slack for me, Walkoff Walk!

Brian Cashman is thrilled with every game Carl Pavano pitches, as it potentially cuts down on the amount mentioned in all the "Carl Pavano cost you $xx,xxx,xxx per win!" jokes.

Watch tonight as Pavano tries to lower the amount to 4,993,750 dollars per win!

@ bc twins

That seems like a very long URL.

Well shit, thanks for nothing, friend who texted me.

Which one of you will end up cheering for AJ Burnett next year? Rosenelf says it'll be a bid-off.

I guess the Sox will settle for Burnett once the Yankees break the bank for CC.

Meanwhile, the Royals will sign Steve Trachsel and pat themselves on the back for being a completely non-competitive small market team.


Not in Alaska.

The last time we signed AJ Burnett he was named Matt Clement. No way in hell Burnett pitches for the Sox next year. Bet yr nuts on it.

What if I don't have nuts to bet?? :(

Bet your ovaries.

Headin' to Big D tomorrow for a few days.
Hopefully hit the Rangers/Red Sox game Saturday.
I'll wear my WoW shirt and let the Texans ask 'Son, why do you have a shrimp on your baseball?'

"The same reason you execute retarded guys. Comedy."

No joke, AJ Burnett is great. Best hammer in the league. Top 10 fastball.


Best homer in the league?? Top 1 Blue Jays Toronto Fan.


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