Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, I was just testing you.

  • WILL the Mets fully exorcise their Nationals demons with the 2 game sweep?

  • ARE you believing in a Blue Jays playoff appearance? If so, you're an idiot or a foreigner, but they have a chance to sweep the White Sox.

  • WHO grabs rubber at Fenway?

  • DID the Twins stop trying? That seems to be the only explanation for last night's win against KC. They'll try to not give a shit again with Kevin Slowey on the mound.

  • ARE the Cubs going to lose again?

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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If you want to look cool, then just act like you don't give a shit about nothin'.

1. No, the Nats are suprisingly surprising when it comes to games like that.
2. Maybe if they somehow beat the Yankees and the BoSox in the upcoming series.
3. Rubber band man.
4. Twins are twinkies. Enough said.
5. no comment cause I don't want to jinx it.

These are lost drunken men who don't know where they are, but do care! And these are men who know where they are and care, but don't drink.

Big Jim Slade.

Under no circumstances will the Jays make the playoffs, but winning streaks are fun! Tonight, Roy Halladay will jack my twin's ass like a looter in a riot.

This is not a chawade

Send him to Detroit!

Also, as much as I like CTC and think he is funny...the Sawx lose to the Rays. Mark it in stone and if I am wrong I will give everyone here $100.*

*will not give anyone anything

Wait, the Blue Jays are 10-0 in their last 10? I know David Eckstein sucks, but it can't ALL be because they traded him away, can it?

For some reason I feel like having Kentucky Fried Chicken tonight.

Farthammer also has big money on Ron Paul.

@FartHammer: you mean you'll give Jason Kendall another homerun for the crew? :P

Kendall has already hit 40x as many HRs post-A's as he did with the A's. I feel bad for him that he tore his foot off a few years ago, but at the same time I wish he did it again. Fucking $11 million bust. Nice job on that one, Beane.

Is Ron Paul the guy that plays Hellboy, or the reggae singer?

Farthammer: So you come from the Rob Iracane school of bet welschers?

At least I let it be known in the same breath that I will welch. Iracane just makes the bet then hopes we will forget about it.


Rob is hot.

Thank you Florida. No seriously, thank you so much Florida.

Wang it tough and ruthless. Wong is rough and toothless. And yes I go the names wrong but I ain't googling that shit.

As far as who grabs the rubber at Fenway, anyone who walks to the park from Copley Square can grab one - there are hundreds, if not thousands, of those suckers on the grass. Cardates are a natural result of the cold weather; look it up in On the Origin of Species if you don't believe me.

@Arman - and apparently I'm not googling the proper spelling of things either.

uh... why would you direct a message at yourself Arman?

@KWSN - to correct mistakes. Am I to understend that you've never seen this type of comment on a blog before?

@Arman - "understand"

Usually I just go "I mean 'correction'".

Nats 10-Mets 11 and it's still not done. what the hell is happening there.

Rocco and the Rays are not to be denied.

Bases loaded, 0 outs, and Youk can't get the tot.

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