Tonight's Questions

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seahorse baby.jpgHey kids, stay fresh.

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel. You too, Seahorse Baby.

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Seahorse Baby loves everyone. Even Grunter.

Beating the Pirates is anything but interesting.

What a happy little Seahorse Baby. He was probably listening to Tom Waits when that picture was taken.

You guys keep this up and I'll post the pic of me in a cow outifit at my cousin's fourth birthday party.

We are where baseball and Tom Waits and babies dressed like sea creatures intersect. That is our exact latitude and longitude on the internets.

So can we see a baby dressed like Tom Waits playing baseball?

maybe it can be one of those "super babies" the Chinese are working on.

Where the fuck did the Astros come from. That's crazy.

Sheets on the mound for the crew tonight, which means it'll be CC, Sheets, and Parra in the flatland.

Way to give one up to Howard sheets on your first pitch. Way to go.

I'm watching the Brewers-Phillies game on what I am guessing is Japanese television. It's scrumptious to hear both sets of announcers.

Thank you Hardy. Now keep on doing that.

That sonofabitch switched over to Japanese coverage of Cubs-Cardinals.

Sheets, Howard is a big strike out guy. You don't have to work that hard and give up pitches.

Sheets. Keep. the. ball. down.

Prince Fielder has only seen 3 pitches tonight. The last one goes into the seats.

C'mon, Tribe, pull this off against Baltimore and we gain a little ground on the Twins...

Hey, remember when we all picked who would be in 3rd place? Who looks to be in the running?


Great question, perhaps I'll have Darren look at the entries. I need to design the winner's t-shirt too.

I am full of great questions. Like, why is a driveway a place to park? And what is the deal with airline food?

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