Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, it's bed of my truck but if the cops show up, I'm a just a landscaper.

  • CAN the Dodgers beat up on the Pirates and come get closer to finally euthanizing the 2008 NL West?

  • WILL the Sox and Rays match the drama of last week's series? Matsuzaka takes on Kazmir in the opener.

  • WILL the Mets bullpen do the job against Washington? Pedro is starting so you know they'll be needed.

  • WHAT will happen in the Central? I gave you all relevant details earlier.
Stay tough and stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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WILL the people at my work quiet the fuck down? I don't care who they are voting for.

If you worked for the Yankees you'd know who they're voting for.

Charlie Rangel.

No Brewer game tonight thank god.

No chance of the Brewers losing another game to the Phillies tonight thank god.

/corrected by a smug Phillies fan who is surely sealing his team's playoff-less fate by taunting the soon-to-be-resurgent Brewers

We shall see. 3 game series in Wrigley starting tomorrow. Crew are 4-2 there this season actually.

...finally euthanizing the 2008 NL West
Is this where I come to pay my last respects?

Phillas, at least you guys get the Cy Young. The A's get Turkey-slapped in the face. ANd did anyone else hear the McGwire interview where he said he would return for the A's, or is this a Farthammer Exclusive?

Wait. Is the ferreals, Hammer?

If so. please.

Also, eat Horseshit Rays.

CTC, check your tips box. I kind of lied, but kind of told the truth.

There goes the Mets against the Nats, losing 7-2

According to the Widget, tomorrow the A's are playing John Lackey.

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