Tonight's Questions

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lobsterbabyjr.jpgHey kids, you're nobody till somebody kidnaps you.

  • WHY did the White Sox decide to start Clayton Richard instead of Lance Broadway in the Bronx? GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. Oh yeah, Phil Hughes is back.

  • WILL the Mets drop their third straight to the Nats? I have a buffalo nickel on it that says yes. I don't think it's legal tender, though.

  • WILL the Brewers full body dry heave continue? It's going national, so even those in Poughkeepsie will feel your pain, cheeseheads.

  • HEY, who's the new kid?

  • WHO rubberizes in St. Pete? Wake has always been good at the Trop.

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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Lobster Baby Jr. is a steal at 99 cents.

Langoustine baby!

WHY are lobster babies so cute?!

The OLB is still the best

Looks like Crawfish Baby to me.

Crawdaddy baby is hereby named "Simone."

I think it's LobsterFest at Red Lobster right now.
You all should really think about carrying some banner ads for that.

Effing Brewers. Kill me. Just do it.

Jesus, Wakefield. What happened to me not talking about the Red Sox? I need to get back to that.

Sheets left after two. "Forearm tightness" I believe is why.

@Rob or CTC: We need a creampuff guy update

30 minutes ago I was about ready to call the AL Central, ala Dan Rather.

Now the Tribe/Twins are tied and the Yanks rally.

I hate baseball sometimes.

Wow... absolutely nasty pitches from Gagne, who somehow goes 1-2-3.

6-2 crew. win.

Brewers win. They have looked like they have some life. Harden will take their lunch money tomorrow.

/yes i am the most pessimistic person ever
//hacking obama's emails.
///i hear he has a hotmail account

@Fat-fat: All depends on the first inning. Bush is starting.

Angels shit the bed in the 9th against the A's.
Scioscia is gonna reem some ass.

Nobody can handle the A's. Or ex A's, for that matter. Didn't Stairs hit a bing-bong?

This lobster baby is NOT as cute as the other one. I don't approve.

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