Tonight's Questions

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fish toddler.jpgHey kids, forget it.

  • WILL the Twins complete the sweep? and take possession of first place in the AL Central? It's the biggest regular season game of the year.

  • DOES Pedro have anything left in the tank? Tonight is his biggest start ever as a Met.

  • ARE you sick of my hyperbole?

  • WILL the Brewers break out the dustpan for the Pirates?
Stop by tomorrow for all the answers and your familiar Friday favorites. Same WoW time, Same WoW channel. You too, Travelin' Fish Toddler.

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Yovani Gallardo starts for the Brewers tonight, four months after tearing his ACL. Dude made zero rehab starts. Look out for exploding ligaments!

WTF is that?

Will I get so drunk I pass out before the end of the Sox-Twins tilt?

I loved Zeppelin's take on Travelin' Fish Toddler Blues.

exploding ligaments

Sounds like a case for Dr. House

That's the jacket for which Hootie and the Blow Fish album?

@Rob: He threw simulated games. AAA season ended before he could get any games in.

I had simulated sex last night... not the same.

BC Twins Fan is going to pull SO MANY LIGAMENTS on his wedding night.

Yes, Rob, but will Mrs. BC Twins pull his ligament?

My gal decided that it would be a good idea to stop having sex (Bill Clinton def) two months before the wedding. She said it will make the wedding night more special. I told her that 10-15 seconds of thrusting followed my me passing out on top of her isn't going to be that special.

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Winners of 2008 NL West!

That is the single straightest comment ever posted on Walkoff Walk. What gives?

By the single gayest guy.

The fact that it wasn't made by you or CTC lowers the gayness factor by 64%, minimum.

About time that division had it's battle finished. I'm just surprised the East is taking longer.

No, no, no, no


You're right, in that it won't be all that special, but it will make an excellent and immediate introduction to married life.

Kidding. Sort of.

Joe Torre just made the playoffs with Man-Ram, Lowe, and Nomah... all while managing the Dodgers.

Sweeny Murti just exploded.

Yovani Gallardo gives up a hit on his first batter, but Morgan appears to be injured already.

2 innings, 4 Ks. Welcome back Yovani.

7 Ks. What. the. hell.

The Iowa Cubs are not impressed with Pedro's 86 mph heater.

Michah HoffPower is powering his hoff all over the yard. A triplette away from cycling, including two tots.

Yovani's line: 4 innings, 7 Ks, 1 run, 1 HR, 3 hits, and 2 walks.

Wow, in a twist of irony, the Cubs bullpen blows it.

I'm going to kill Matt Thornton.
You can report me to the respective authorities. And I'm OK with it.

We're going to ask Bobby Jenks to get 5 outs. Seriously?

I just alerted you to "People For The Ethical Treatment of Matt Thornton."

I was never a Boy Scout. Does anyone know how to tie a good knot?

I quit. Good luck in the post-season, BC.

Bases loaded in Brew Town. Can we please have shrimp?


Man... I had that shrimp cued up and everything.

2-2 count, and Chavez hangs the slider, again.


Guys, cool it. Oakland's out of the race already.

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