Tonight's Questions

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baby-lobster.jpgHey kids, you can save the Koala or you can save the leaf.

  • WHEN are they gonna get this game in?

  • WHO will win it when they do?

  • EVER have dreams like this?

Think we'll have any answers tomorrow? Think we've ever had any to begin with? Oh how I long for the security of being carried around in a giant pot.

See you tomorrow with more previews and other assorted assortments.

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1. Sometime
2. Tigers, they have nothing to lose, so they'll play like it
3. Uh... what?

I have dreams like that all the time. Except the blonde chick is naked.

Could they play a day/nighter tomorrow against two different teams? That would be kind of cool.

The Dow might be down 667 and the weather might threaten the end of the baseball season, but Lobster Baby makes it all better.

I dream of one thing more than all others combined: dunking a basketball. No joke, I dream about my regular Tuesday night run, except I can dunk.

Is that a raccoon or a possum?

Posscoon? Raccum?

Hooray for OLB!

The Original and still the best.

The game is starting in 10 minutes

Game starts in 10 minutes

Sorry, I am just really excited I guess.

WHAT would Tonight's Questions have been if today's makeup game wasn't delayed?

HOW many creepy videos would we have been subjected to?

hey, when did the WoW banner change? Now we get Kris instead of CTC!

And you thought you could use OLB as a almost worked.

WILL we have shrimp for a second straight night?


Does he wear a fade?

Put it on the boooooooaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrddddddddd.


Well, that was fun.
See you tomorrow night, BC.
Maybe you and I should ask CTC and Rob if we can live glog it?

You are only allowed to glog the game if you promise to stop in the 4th inning, thereby keeping it authentic.

Hey, CTC came out of the blogging closet. Nice byline, WoW.

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