Wasting Your Precious Time: Which One Of Us Is George Clooney?

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I'm going to make this quick: when matching your faithful Walkoff Walk bloggers to actors from the modern Oceans Eleven films, which one of us is George Clooney?

Is it Rob Iracane, the quick-witted suave Italian with a sharp tongue and a smile that melted the hearts of a thousand girls?

Or is it Camp Tiger Claw, the tall, dashing well-spoken Greek whose hirsuteness could make any dame's eyelids go a-flutter?

Or is it Lloyd the Barber, the quiet but charming Canadian with style and grace that makes strippers all over Toronto repent and quit the pole?

Vote below in the comments and let us know which one fits the part best, and which ones of us match up better with lesser Oceans Eleven-eers, like Brad Pitt or Carl Reiner.

In other words, WHO'S CLOONEY?

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A "Tall" Greek is anyone over 5'6"

CTC and Rob are those two brothers who fight a lot.

This is totally inane and i refuse to vote. Also Darren wins.

This one's easy.


Darren is obviously the small Asian that jumps around a lot.

Rob is Andy Garcia

This site needs more Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones and less dudes making bedroom eyes at me.

That goes for you too Dusty.

Rob and CTC are Carl Reiner and Elliot Gould. Lloyd is Julia Roberts from the first movie, while Darren is the real Julia Roberts from the second movie.

I get to be Super Dave Osborn from the 3rd movie.

No, I'M CLOONEY. Camp tiger claw is that douchebag Affleck brother.

those two brothers that fight a lot

One is Casey Affleck, the other is that dude with the sweet sideburns.

He is James Caan's son. That earns him some cred. Some cred he threw out the door when he made that wrestling movie with Dave Arquette.

that makes strippers all over Toronto repent and quit the pole?

Clooney makes women WANT the pole. Duh.

I prefer to go with the original and better version of Oceans 11

Iracane: Frank Sinatra
CTC: Dean Martin
Lloyd: Joey Bishop

Camp tiger claw is that douchebag Affleck brother
Ben wasn't in the 'Ocean's' flicks.

the other is that dude with the sweet sideburns
I believe his name is Tweeter.

CTC, did you comb your hair with a pillow for that picture?

This post made me miss Bernie Mac... and straight blogs about baseball.


straight blogs about baseball.

Then don't go to Bugs & Cranks. Chalk posted a Youtube of him getting a mohawk.

Corey Patterson gets to be Don Cheadle.

Dusty Baker is Bernie Mac.

Only alive.



Where's Grunter?

CTC, those sideburns get any longer and they'll qualify as a chinstrap.

I am all that is Clooney. Neither of us the type to take a wife.

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