Weary AL Central Combatants Drag Tired Asses Around America

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The playoff picture in the AL is solidifying faster than the super glue that accidentally fused your thumb and index finger together this weekend when you were trying to fix the sunglasses you sat on. We know the Angels are in. The AL east teams are battling for first, but either of those teams has a 6 game Wild Card cushion. That leaves the spot at the top of the Central the last available playoff spot. Both the White Sox and the Twins are on the road all week. What's it looking like out there?

Chicago has a 1.5 game lead on Minnesota and tonight they start a 4 game series in the Bronx. The Yankees have won two in a row, and in this series will be getting starts from rookie Alfredo Aceves and the reanimated corpse of Phil Hughes. Stay away from him Alfredo, he's contagious. Hughes takes on Lance Broadway in what I'm dubbing, "The Biggest Comedy Matchup Of Wednesday." After that, Chicago heads to KC for a 3 game weekend series against those mighty Royals.

Minnesota begins the week at the Jake. The Indians have lost 3 in a row but will trot out Cliff Lee for the series finale on Thursday. After that the Twins will head to Tampa. The Rays are always tough at home but their series against the Sox this season have become hugely draining affairs leaving them vulnerable to whomever is next.

So who has the big advantage in this whole bildungsroman? As always, the Royals.

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"What's it looking like out there?"

Sluggish, like a wet sponge.


Ned Yost fired.

What better time to fire your manager?

/looking at you NY Mets

I was wondering when Yost was going to get fired. Was the straw that broke the camel's back when Yost gave up six runs and couldn't get out of the fourth? Or the night before, when three different Yosts combined to give up 4 runs in the final two innings? Yost's 0-4 with a K?

Yost should have followed Joe Torre's example. Torre won 4 World Series titles despite having a shitty supporting cast. He also almost won a 5th in 2001 after hitting a bunch of HRs off of Byung Hyun Kim.

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