Weekend Questions

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Hey kiddies, blame it on the rain.

  • HOW will the Cubs and Astros keep themselves busy if that Turner Field thing doesn't pan out? I've got Travel Connect Four and some crosswords.

  • COULD the Blue Jays really pull this shit off and beat the Red Sox this weekend? It's Peptember on Bloor Street!

  • WILL the Phillies continue to make things uncomfortable for Bob Uecker and his Brewers? Cole Hamels faces Walkoff Walk favorite Manny Parra in a must-win for both teams.

  • IS that thing a Squid Baby or an Octopus Baby? Either way, I want to grill it and serve it with some cannellini beans and broccoli rabe.

  • MIGHT Brandon Webb finally locate his sinker and win his 20th game?

  • WHO will be our next bigtime guest writer, following in the footsteps of the great Will Carroll? Call me, Geoff Baker and/or John Fay.

Tune in to your nationally and locally televised baseball games this weekend, friends, and come back to read Lloyd the Barber celebrate his birthday weekend by posting the scores and previews. Tonight: Yankees/Rays on ESPN at 7PM. Happy Birthday Lloyd!

(Thanks to commenter UTFLW for locating that awesome pic)

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The Yankees just put up 25 million for the rights to negotiate with squid baby

Bloor Street?? That goes right by my house! OHMIGOD, Rob mentioned my house!!

/actually lives ON Bloor

Happy birthday weekend. I insist you drink at least 1 High Life 32.

I can't promise not to eat squid baby. But I can promise to try not to.

The brewers pitching needs to realized that Howard is easily duped.

Based on his picture I would put Lloyd at 31. Am I close?

29 for two more days!

Phillies/Crew canceled and resched for monday (for now)

The Brewers are ripping my heart out. AND the game gets canceled. I say that's a good thing.

Wow, I got namedropped and I wasnt' even around to read it!

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