Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, have it your weigh.

  • CAN Tampa Bay recover from last night's bullpen collapse and get back on message against the Twinkies? A win tonight and losses by Chicago, New York, and Toronto will clinch at least a Wild Card spot for their first time ever.

  • WILL Brett Myers get his record back to .500 and lead the Phils to a win over the streaking Marlins? Josh Johnson is 5-1 with a 3.30 ERA, so watch out now.

  • DO the Red Sox have enough gumption to take on both A.J. Burnett and Roy Halladay this weekend? They better not feel too complacent because neither the Blue Jays nor the Yankees are officially eliminated.

  • WE got any meet back there? I'm starving.

  • DID you know that the Padres and Nationals have equally horrendous 58-95 records? They meet this weekend in Warshington to decide once and for all who gets to give wet willies and purple nurples to the Mariners.

  • COULD the Royals play spoilers? Nah.

  • ARE you gonna watch the Yankees game on Sunday night? I'll be there with bells on, touring the field.

Welp, that wraps up another week at Walkoff Walk. Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and thanks for promising to come around and visit our cousin Lloyd the Barber this weekend. He'll entertain you this weekend with recaps, previews, and potpourri. Enjoy the penultimate weekend of the regular season!

(We stole that photo from Flubby's The Sugar Sheet)

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and Red Sox.

That raccoon meet is so delicious

If anywon is going to next Saturday's Phillies game and wants to meat up, let me no.

Careful on Sunday, Iracane. I may or may not have an acquaintance who passed through the 44th Precinct on his way to the Bronx Correctional Center after prying an armrest loose for a souveneir last night.

Wait a minute. Since when does Burger King use actual meat? Excuse me, "meet."

We need embedding in our fucking comments.


So I am sitting here drinking some skittle-brau, and it hits me: Jack Cust is tied for the AL record for K's at 186.

dude, that sounds nasty.
Giants haven't beaten Maddux since May aught-3. Look for that streak to continue.

What the fuck is skittle brau?

Skittlebrau was invented by Homer J Simpson. You take some skittles (usually 4 o 5) and put them in a beer. I find a lager works best. The dryness absorbs the skittle flavor. Hints of fruits; robust yet playful.

Also, the 40th Anniversary team of Oakland has Joe Rudi instead of Jose Canseco. The man may be a dipshit, but there weren't many better players than him in the late 80s to early 90s.

Life imitates Homer.

Crew loses.


Giants haven't beaten Maddux since May aught-3. Look for that streak to continue.
My prognostication skills are most excellent: Giants 7-0 in the 5th

Considering Maddux was 54 in 2003, it makes sense he would lose eventually.

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