Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, try and find your place in the sun.

  • ARE we going to get any games in on the East Coast? I went out for lunch and there is still water squishing around in my shoes.

  • DO you know the matchups for the Indians/White Sox series? They're Lewis vs. Danks, Jackson vs. Vasquez and Lee vs. Buehrlehehe

  • DO you know the matchups for the Royals/Twins series? They're Davies vs. Liriano, Meche vs. Perkins and Duckworth vs. Baker.

  • DO you know the matchups for the Marlins/Mets series? They're Volstand vs. Pelfrey, TBD (who's that?) vs. Nolasco and Santana vs. Olsen.

  • DO you know the matchups for the Nats/Phillies series? They're Balester vs. Blanton, Lannan vs. Moyer and Perez vs. Hamels.

  • DO you know the matchups in the Cubs/Brewers series? They're Dempster vs. Suppan, Lilly vs. Bush and Marquis vs. Sabathia.

  • ARE you ready for the last weekend of the regular season!? Wheeee!

Great work out there this week, folks. You make this whole thing run. We'll be back Monday with our first batch of playoff previews. If you have a team playing musical chairs for those last three spots this weekend, I wish you luck. But I only mean it for a couple of you.

Until then, check back all weekend, this car aint stopping. I'm gonna bail out and Lloyd is gonna jump into the drivers seat while we're still moving. We'll see you soon. Go baseball.

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"I wish you luck. But I only mean it for a couple of you"

Is one of the guys you don't mean it for Palehose?

Finally winding down... Close race for the last two spots in the NL that's for sure.

I'm gonna go to the gym, then eat some healthy dinner...then blow it all by getting piss-face drunk while my lady is working at the hospital.

I'll keep you guys updated on the exciting battle of Oak/Sea.

I have many painful obligations to take care of this evening, so I will be relying on highlight and the pithy observations of you folks, to get me up to speed.

I forgot to mention the debate too. I'M SUCH A BAD EDITOR FORGIVE ME.

Oui, I broke into the bourbon as soon as I got home.

Update: Sheets starting tomorrow for the Crew.

on another note, nice 404 page

Now, now, BC. Let's play nicely.

Besides, the Tribe could run a boozed-up Eckersley, fat Greg Swindell and the rotting corpse of Gaylord Perry out there this weekend and beat the ChiSox.

Good on you, Tigers. Leyland thinks your horseshit asses still have some fucking shit left in the goddamn tank. Piss.

Eckersley apparently sobered up and went back to his sissy red-sock ways. Doesn't he work their games now? What a bitchface.

From Kendall to Edmonds: stay off second base, thank you.

In honor of the Mets, I saw Choke tonight.

It was decent.

Mets lost =D.

Why is kwsn drawing Chris Cooley's penis on this blog?

matt_T...I actually had tempered expectations for that movie. I heard there were hecka titties...true?

ANyone ever have the candy Twerpz? Holy crap are they good.

By they way, Oakland is unstoppable. 2-0, punks.


WILL anyone care if I win my Fantasy Baseball championship this weekend?

WHAT will I do with the $525 if I prevail?

HOW many shrimp shirts can I buy with $525?

HOW excited am I to have 12th row seats on the first base tomorrow for what could potentially be the clinching game for the Phillies?

WHAT color should I paint my basement?

DOES anyone care about the minutiae of my weekend?

1. No
2. Buy shrimp shirts
3. Not enough
4. Not very
5. Hot pink
6. Someone does

Paint it Fireball Fuschia. And buy 3 shirts, then spend the rest on dank and 40s.

And Oak is having trouble with Sea. 5-5. Makes sense; Seattle is a very good ballclub.


If I win said championship and spend $525 on shrimp shirts, Robby and ol' Tiger Pants will surely care, what with the $18 commission windfall they stand to receive.

Oh, and I'm thinking more of a slate blue.

Anyone want to tell me why Derek Lowe was pulled after three scoreless innings in San Fran?

Injury? Brewers surprisingly used only two pitchers tonight, Suppan and McClung, and McClung batted twice.

Wasn't McClung the giant brain who ordered around Shredder.

No clue, but he threw around the Cubs tonight.

Threw around, or turned into baby turtles thereby killing them and requiring another quarter?


we get no commission

1. Frank Stallone
II. Oxycontin
Three. 30.88
D. Totally buttstoked
Cinco: I'm already writing a book about it called
"Honeynut's Weekend: Honeynut's Weekend"

I took a pill of Oxycontin once. Wayyyy better than Vike or Valium or Percoset.

CTC, tell Lloyd to remind me tomorrow to buy a shirt. I'm drunk right now and will committ to it; I never welch.


No commission? You zany writers need a bidness manager.


You need a pun.

@Tito Santana

I used to laugh when Bobby Heenan called you the Flying Burrito.

Only years later did I get into Gram Parsons and understand what he was talking about.

So I guess this goes out to all 3 of fyou: Heenan, Parsons and Santana.

Rays get the division while Boston gets hammered.

So Boston/Angels, yeah? Angels have the best record in AL, and AL Central has worst...but it's my understanding that two teams from the same division can't fuck with each other in the first round, regardless of record. So Angels/AL Central would leave Boston/TB, and that can't happen I think.



The wild card winner can not play the team from its own division in the first round, so it will probably be Boston/LA, and Tampa/AL Central.

The NL is still way in the air.

There were a lot of titties, even old lady ones. If you liked the book, go see it. It's fairly faithful to it.

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