Weekend Rehash: The Best Things Happen in Twos

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Despite our government-mandated three-day break from baseball bloggin', stuff happened over the weekend in baseball. First and foremost, our weekend fella Lloyd the Barber did yeoman's work covering for our lazy asses, even with his embarrassing guest appearance on a sports blog devoted to man abs. Yikes.

In actual baseball news, yesterday's Labor Day action saw two gentleman accomplishing a nifty feat, as both Adrian Beltre of the M's and Stephen Drew of the D-backs hit for the cycle. They became the first fellas to ride the tandem cycle on the same day since Bobby Veach and George Burns did it way back in 1920, well before anyone ever thought people would play professional baseball in Phoenix. Was Arizona even a state?

In news that is more near and dear to our hearts, Saturday night featured not one but TWO walkoff walks. First, at approximately 10:30 PM EDT, the Mets gave up the goods to the Marlins. Then just before midnight, Elijah Dukes collected the game winning walk to lead the Nats over the Braves. That's two shrimp videos in one amazing night. Thanks, baseball!

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To wit, Young Dro:

"Goddamn, must be two sides."

I'm going to get the papers, get the papers

Florida State Seminole Stephen Drew

They drove a dumptruck full of money up to my house, I'm not made of stone!


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