West Coast Pauses To Notice Dodgers & Diamondbacks

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The two teams may be riding a big fat wave of mediocrity, but the best team between the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks will be granted a golden ticket to the playoffs anyway. They face off for three delightful games this weekend. Throw out the .500 records, the aged L.A. pitching staff, the tired Arizona bats, and the tertiary distractions that jerks like us focus on, this series has deep meaning.

So far in 2008, the Snakebacks hold a slim 8-7 edge over the Didgeridoos in their season series. After last Friday's loss to Arizoner, L.A. looked beat, riding an eight-game losing streak with a fat four and a half game deficit. They've since won five in a row. They've got that vaunted momentum that might possibly perhaps push them towards the playoffs. They've got Rocktember in Los Angeles! Things haven't rocked this hard in the City of Angels since L.A. Guns played twelve straight nights at Whisky A Go Go in '87.

Your pitching matchups will be as follows:

    Friday: Dan Haren vs Derek Lowe (ESPN)
    Saturday: Brandon Webb vs Chad Billingsley (FOX)
    Sunday: Randy Johnson vs Greg Maddux

Wait a minute...Jamie Moyer is facing Pedro Martinez on Saturday, while Randy Johnson faces Greg Maddux on Sunday? At what point did we step in Marty McFly's DeLorean and fly back to 1999?

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Chad Billingsley's grandma was hot.

No stems, no seeds, no sticks. Just some of that real NL West sticky icky icky.


AND she spoke jive.

Yay Area dope blows the doors off LA dope. You can get a medical card for a friggin' hang nail these days.

I want a Farthammer Reality Bus Tour through Oakland and San Fran next year.

So, is it 1987 or 1999?

CTC - Yeah you do.

I stopped smoking dope on a regular basis a few years ago. Then last Saturday I smoked at the A's game and decided to have a freestyle battle with local legend Trackstar. In my mind I killt it.


That has nothing to do with anything. Get back to work.

I am waiting for next years schedule to come out but when it does my future wife and I will be cashing in our frequent flyer miles and heading out to the bay area next summer. We will catch a A's Twins games and do a bunch of stupid shit that married couples to when they go there.

@Farthammer - when you say smoked at the A's game, you don't actually mean smoked AT the A's game, do you?


Married couples do beer bongs at A's games.


Ever since they put up the tarp on the 3rd deck, you can only smoke in the parking lot, which is what I did. But when the 3rd deck was open? If it is possible to hotbox an outdoor section of seats, then the A's fans accomplished it nightly.

Westcoast Walkoff Walk field trip plz.

Sign me up for that.

How many innings do they play out west--is it a standard nine?

These days the A's play two innings of competitive baseball.

If I rember correctly the schedules usually come out in November right?


Also, it figures that the best pitching matchup of the three will not be shown on the visual tubes.

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