Alex Rodriguez Endorses Guitar Hero; Is Whimsical

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Watch everyone's favorite Yankee third baseman gets together with some of his celebrity sports pals and endorses Matt_T's favorite video game, Guitar Hero. Spoofing 1980s movies is just so retro.

(We owe some of that Canadian Coke to Ball Don't Lie)

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That's pretty great actually. But once you include Tony Hawk you have to include Alexei Lalas.

I don't play in my underpants though. I go full nude.

The only thing that would have made this commercial better is showing The Nuge's entrance where he rides a buffalo in before playing Stranglehold

Tom Cruise is spinning in his grave.

Phillas: More like kneeling in his closet.

Chief, Katie Holmes doesn't get it.

If Katie wants to get it, she can give me a call. And I will give it to her.

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