Astro Brandon Backe Arrested in Hotel Bar "Riot"

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Houston Astros pitcher Brandon Backe was among ten people arrested at a hotel pool bar at the San Luis Resort in Galveston, Texas over the weekend. It seems, however, that Backe was just a victim of circumstance in the wrong place at the wrong time. He and some pals were at the hotel bar after attending a wedding nearby when this went down:

The trouble started when a Galveston police officer approached 19-year-old Daniel Cole O'Balle about entering the pool bar area with an open container of alcohol. O'Balle took a "fighting stance" toward the officer, the report stated.

The officer attempted to arrest O'Balle, who then struck him in the upper chest with his fist and then hit another officer in the face.

While police attempted to handcuff O'Balle, others at the bar were also refusing commands from officers, escalating into a scene that police described as a riot, according to the report.

Backe was one of the folks told by police to back away from the scene; he refused and was punched in the face, slapped with handcuffs, and charged with "resisting arrest, search and transportation by using force against an officer". Sounds like trumped up charges to me. Who amongst us hasn't gotten a little too drunk at a wedding and ignored the pleas of riot police? Amirite? Also taken into custody: FEMA coordinator Jaime Forero. Doin' a heckuva job, Forero!

The fuzz ended up using a Taser on O'Balle and his 46-year-old father Gilbert while spraying pepper spray at just about everyone in the bar. The Galveston Police Force: on your side since 1936!

(We owe a gallon of Coke syrup to BBTF's Newsblog)

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I think the most shocking thing about this is that there are still freestanding structures in Galveston.

Hurricane Daniel Cole did his best to take out that lone remaining building.

CTC: they're only freestanding because the police haven't gotten around to tasering them.

This is why I want to be a cop. So I can punch shitty pitchers with annoying names, like Brandon Backe, in the mf face.

Brandon Backe is an anagram for "Rad Back-ne, Bon."

(Also: "Bankcard Bone")

My girlfriend's fantasy team was named "Baby Got Backe" despite the fact that she didn't fake-employ Brandon Backe.

But she is 15 months old.

Brandon Backe is a fairly stupid individual. Ample evidence has been supplied over the years by FSN-Houston in multiple interviews with the dude.

Brandon, if the cops are busy beating the shit out of someone and tell you to step back, here's what you do : You step back. You don't refuse. You don't try to be the cool guy who mouths off against the police.

If you do, you get the shit kicked out of you as well. Einstein.

At my sisters wedding I dove headfirst over the bar in an attempt to tackle the bartender who cut me off. Boy did he regret his decision when I hit the floor face-first the wrapped my arms around his ankle and refused to let go.

That explains so much, Chief.

/slowly backs away

I hope my wedding makes it in next Monday’s paper. 400 people and a open bar all night is a recipe for news story.

Who wants to crash bc twins wedding with me?

If you want to drive to SW Minnesota you are more than welcome. Don't bring your wifes/girl friends, there will be a ton of chicks there.

bc: sweet! I have a good friend in Winnebago. I'll bring him along and he'll show me show to work it MN style.

Winnebago is in Wisconsin.

Nevermind, I just checked it out. There is a Winnebago MN, it's a 2.5 hour drive from where my reception is.

so I guess a 2.5-hour inebriated drive is out of the question?...

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Everyone, just leave Brandon alone, don't kiss and tell, if you had the chance to know him be greateful for it, he is a great guy, so what, if he likes to play the field, he is young and he has the right to do what ever he wants, anyone that wants to be arround a young, profecional player and good looking should be ready for this kind of behavior from this kind of guys, don't act like if he is the only one that does this, all the basketball players, baseball players, football players do it. Please don't be so surprised about it, if he is doing it is because he is not ready to be exclusive, is not like he is asking you to pay for it, leave him alone, let him live his life how he pleases. He will change when he is ready to do so. Go ahead Brandon enjoy life, we only live once and if you have the chance to do it now then there is no reason for you to hold back, dont pay attention to all these haters. I wish you the best in everything you do. Thank you for letting me drive you and your friends arround. Huggs and kisses

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