Babies Baked into Foodstuffs Are Right Up Our Alley

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Did you ever think you'd see the day when a Martha Stewart video made its way to Walkoff Walk?

What do you expect, it's the lull between playoff rounds and we are Lazy Baseball Bloggers. Don't forget, Walkoff Walk is your go-to site for babies dressed up as other things.


(We owe a baby in an enormous Coke bottle to Serious Eats)

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More surpised it took this long.

This one really threw me off. I'm used to seeing Martha in my Porn bookmarks, not here.

WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THEY??? Why would you entrust your infant child with a convicted felon??

babies in food/fish costumes = cute

babies in food/fish costumes plated and ready to be served = beyond creepy

wine pairings to go with baby Caesar salad or baby turkey = inappropriate, but appreciated

Eh - I prefer Rachel Ray porn:

dressing babies up as clowns is still way creepier than dressing them up as food.

What's the ruling on dressing as a clown and playing with baby food?

All this food talk makes my taco pop.

@Honeynut, I'd pop her taco, her tuna taco!

/will never grow up

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