Barry Bonds More Villainous than Man that Killed in his name

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justice_is_blind.jpgYou know those brawls that erupt between people fighting for the payday known as a memorable home run ball? You know how sometimes things get heated in the stands and that beef makes it to the parking lot? You know how one guy fatally stabbed another in one of these donnybrooks, then plead guilty and was sentenced to 16 years in prison? That really happened. One man took another man's life after a skirmish for a free baseball. That is messed up.

The 16 year-to-life sentence is approximately half the time Barry Bonds would face were he convicted of lying to a grand jury. Bonds could face up to 30 years if convicted of all 15 counts of lying under oath and obstruction of justice.

People HATE Barry Bonds, they really do. If the opportunity to throw the book at him exists, any uppity judge will redefine irony or kismet or something else improbable and do so. Based on Barry's Revised Zone Rating, he won't even be able to catch it, AMIRITE???

The true criminals here are the insanely rich morons that shell out big cash for a stupid fucking baseball. One guy is dead and another's in jail for a serious chunk of time. I hope you're happy Todd McFarlane, there is blood on your hands. Not just the blood of Michael Jai White's career.

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