Baseball Network Coming to Jersey, Cal Ripken to Get Tidy No-Show Job

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Major League Baseball's newest moneygrab venture in the world of mass media, their new cable channel called simply "The Baseball Network", is coming to New Jersey. Sunny downtown Secaucus will play host to the network, specifically a massive gray 142,000 square foot warehouse-like building that used to be the home of MSNBC before they departed for loftier Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Dingy Secaucus wasn't at the top of MLB's initial list, however:

(Secaucus) was initially scheduled to be the MLB Network's temporary home while Paramus-based Vornado Realty Trust built a new, $435 million, 21-story office building at 125th Street and Park Avenue in Harlem.

Construction was supposed to begin in April, and the network was expected to take about 20 percent of the space as the anchor tenant.

But the nation's economic woes have put that project on hold, making Secaucus the network's home for "the foreseeable future," Petitti said during a tour of the facility today.

How bad must Secaucusites feel now that a major sports and entertainment corporation had to settle for their crappy burg after they couldn't build a place in Harlem? And where will MLB employee Harold Reynolds take out interns for lunch dates? The nearest Boston Market is all the way out in North Arlington!

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I heard that the new MLB studios are haunted by the ghost of Steampipe Alley.

They just wanted to be near the home offices of Walkoff Walk.

Does Kilborn still live in the parking lot?

Ah Secaucus, the old home of WWOR 9, the Mets and Llyod Lindsey Young....Helloooooooooo!

Kilborn SAVED Old School.

Has anyone ever seen Richard Bey and Sean Hannity in the same room at the same time?

Yeah, well I saved Latin.

good question freetzy.

I also forgot That WOR was also the home of Morton Downey Jr.

Fuckin' Steampipe Alley! Good pull, Honeynut.

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