Baseball Playoffs In An Election Year: My Final Comment

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I'm a politically active citizen. Well at least my mouth is. I don't volunteer for campaigns anymore and I certainly don't donate any money. The days of me putting sweat and tears into major party politics are long over (ask me for my resume sometime if you wanna know exactly what that used to entail) and with each passing year I become a little more jaded. I am however, willing to argue with you on nearly any point because you're probably wrong. It doesn't really matter which party you align yourself with, you're wrong. Absolutely wrong if you're a Republican, mostly wrong if you're a Democrat.

Last night was a perfect example of my declining engagement with the American political machine. I totally ignored the third presidential debate in favor of the NLCS. I watched all of the first debate and most of the second. I realized that I was going to hear nothing new in this third engagement, I know who I'm going to vote for, and I wanted desperately to see Manny hit some dingers. We laughed, we glogged, I listened to a little NPR about the debate this morning. I had successfully separated my sports and my politics in an election year! No easy feat.* Until I just read this in the Times. Now I feel dizzy.

Memo to Barack Obama: It could be dangerous to mess with the national pasttime.

Yet that is what Mr. Obama has done in trying to buy a 30-minute block of time on Oct. 29 on three networks -- including Fox News, which just happens to be running the World Series.

Because of the request, Major League Baseball has agreed to push back the first pitch that night.

Memo to The New York Times: NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT FOX NEWS. Are you even familiar with the American sports landscape? Why on earth would they be showing the World Series. I understand that throwing that dash in there means you're looking for a "dun dun DUN" moment in your piece, but it aint there. The game isn't on Fox News you dummies.

As we covered above, until election day, I am more interested in baseball right now. That's what I wanna watch. At the same time, if Obama wants to use his campaign money to speak to the country in prime time, that's his prerogative. I can use the extra time before first pitch to broil some more bacon wrapped scallops. But of course, to add one more sack mark to America's collective forehead, the Republican Party is taking this 20 minute delay as an affront to Joe Plumber Sixpack Truckdriver, or whatever the hell they're calling him today. Of course they are.

"It's unfortunate that the World Series' first pitch is being delayed for Obama's political pitch," Alex Conant, a spokesman for the R.N.C., said in a statement. He added later, via instant message, of Mr. Obama: "He puts himself first - literally."

Oh ZING! Z-SNAP-ING! Did you see how he used "literally" there? You can't teach that kind of comic timing. Alex Conant: Standup WASP Comedian, this week at the Ha Ha Hole! Spokesmen are idiots.

I care about this country, I really do. I understand the importance of policy at this critical juncture. But I don't give a damn about your campaigns when baseball is on. If I have to ignore you 20 minutes later than scheduled, fine. But don't argue about it, you're bugging me.

*In the Fall of 2004 every football game at FSU was littered with Bush/Cheney signs. This did not add to my enjoyment of the festivities.

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The only thing you missed was Zombie McCain, who somehow feeds off assholes and not brains.

Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich? I can't decide.

First! Literally!

Well at least my mouth is.

That's what she said.

Joe Maddon would like to hear more about your scallop recipe, and has both wine and music to recommend for your dinner.

Also, this only matters if there's a 6th game.

Well said. CTC for prez.


I love this country. We get to freely choose between a wide open field of two rich assholes who are professional liars. So many choices!

The only reason I am still here is 99 cent 40s of Country Club.

You're all a bunch of Noam Chomskys, except without the advanced degrees in cognitive science.

Joe Maddon's family owns a diner and he goes there to cook sometzzzzzzzzzzz

Obama and McCain are candidates interested in chazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Can we just get more gratuitous shots of Alyssa Milano until the erection is over?

What CTC fails to add is that there were 2,134 signs at that game, but the Republicans counted 3,752 of them.

Waaaaaaait a second here. Joe Maddon. Joe the Plumber. Anyone else see the conection?

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