Bowling Green Baseball Fans Disappoint Us All

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Sorry, WoWies. Looks like there won't be any minor league teams named after cave shrimp this year. If you recall, the folks in charge of bringing professional baseball to Bowling Green, Kentuckah put a few possible mascot names up for a vote on the ol' Innernet.

Well, the good people of Bowling Green have spoken, and the new name of the Tampa Bay Rays low-A affiliate is the Hot Rods. I blame massive voter fraud and suppression. Also, I blame any Walkoff Walk reader who didn't vote at least eleventy skillion times.

Hey, let's get a quote from the big boss:

"This is an historic day for Bowling Green professional baseball, as we come together to celebrate the beginning of the Bowling Green Hot Rods," said Hot Rods General Manager/CEO Brad Taylor. "We are very excited to develop the Hot Rods brand, which connects the spirit and heritage of this region's automotive industry with a creative name and logo associated with the fun of minor league baseball.

I want you dead, Brad Taylor. Your corporate-speak sickens me.

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The shrimp gods are crying as we read this.

I blame KyMom

By KyMom on August 19, 2008 7:42 AM

Okay, you're promoting a blind albino shrimp for a mascot? Please.......

She's a slippery one.

If the "Ky" of KyMom stands for K Y Jelly, that's potentially one sexy shrimp-hatin' mom.

None of the locals listen to KyMom anyway since she married outside the family.

The Hot Rod campaign was boosted by an endorsement from Andy Samberg

I want you dead, Brad Taylor.

I didn't know you felt so strongly about the Home Improvement kids.

Hot Rods sounds like the name of a gay bar not to mention the team logo.

I was told I was supposed to vote on November 5.

I am really, REALLY upset that Petergnats didn't make noise as a write-in ballot. Car was on to something.

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