Brad Pitt to Play Billy Beane; Clooney Just Didn't Walk Enough

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Five years after it was published and turned the world of baseball analysis on its ear, Michael Lewis' book "Moneyball" is being made into a film, perhaps starring Brad Pitt as Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane. George Clooney was available but wasn't cast because his charm and wholesome good looks didn't exploit inefficiencies in the leading actor market.

If you read the book, you're probably wondering how it could be made into an interesting movie. How can Hollywood possibly make a picture about the benefits of signing young players who tend to walk a lot? Easy: they're just going to Disney-fy the story.

Producer Michael De Luca previously explained what their take is: a "dramatic depiction of that 2002 season" that is "condensed to really the beginning and end of that season that contained the 22 game winning streak." De Luca adds: "I think there should be a mix of a sports movie but also an anti-establishment triumph of the individual in terms of the way Billy Beane went up against conventional wisdom and the bureaucracy."

Blech, Sounds like a real tearjerker. Steve Zaillian is set to adapt the book for the screen. He notably wrote such illustrious movies as Schindler's List, Mission: Impossible, and American Gangster. Schindler's List, eh? Wait until you see the treatment "Moneyball" subject Kevin Youkilis gets in this picture.

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Farthammer was robbed.

Wow, I think I need to lie down I'm so excited...

It'll still be better than "Pride and Glory".

Herpes is better than "Pride and Glory" but that doesn't mean it's enjoyable.

Clooney wasn't considered because they producers were too busy deciding who was MORE Clooney, CTC or Rob.

Expect a phone call, Rob.

Instead of Brad Pitt, producers are going to go with 3 cheaper actors for a fraction of the cost. The movie will make it to award season, but then get swept in all Oscar categories.

I believe Jeremy Giambi's available to play himself. If he can get somebody to cover his shift washing dishes at Applebee's, that is.

Farthammer wins the entire day.

Pitt will make the movie, but then wait in the theater parking lot while it's being shown.

Joe Morgan thinks Brad Pitt wrote the book AND directed the movie.

By adding Pitt, the producers have raised the VORP(Value Over Replacement Picture.)

Don't believe them, Farthammer, they're gonna stiff you on the elephant!


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