Breaking News: Fat People Play For Teams Other Than Angels

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Astute reader and general Bon Vivant, Honeynut Ichiros, sends along the Baseball Reference Stat of the Day, and boy is it a doozy. It's a year by year list of MLB Players weighing 250 pounds or more, starting in 1998. There were 3 players that fit the criteria that year. This year? 23.

Prince Fielder / Jose Valverde / Tyler Walker / Bobby Jenks / Frank Thomas / J.J. Putz / Boof Bonser / Carlos Zambrano / Justin Masterson / Nick Blackburn / Adam Russell / Chris Young / C.C. Sabathia / Jason Botts / Chris Britton / Jeff Fulchino / Brad Nelson / Bartolo Colon / Chad Paronto / Jeff Niemann / Eddie Kunz / Jason Hirsh / Ryan Bukvich

That's pretty staggering. Some of those guys, like Masterson, Putz and Blackburn clock in around 6'5 or 6'6, but most of them don't. Most of them are just built like your uncle that drinks too much Genesee Cream Ale.

The tracjectory of weight gain in baseball may even outpace the general obesity rate in America, but I'm too lazy too look it up.

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There's a Juff Juden sighting on that list. JUDEN! He was bulky when bulky meant "slow and uncoordinated," unlike 2008 where it means "playoff centerfielder for the Chicago White Sox."

How did Sidney Ponson not make this list?

@CTC, props for the Genny Cream Ale aka Screamers reference.

Uh, where is Andruw?

update from NYY MLB website:

47 Sidney Ponson R/R 6-1 260 11/02/76

The astute commenters on the BBRSOTD point out that B-R likely uses a player's weight when they first reach the bigs and then never update it. So a chub-chub like Andruw is listed at 170 pounds, a weight he hasn't seen since Junior Prom.

They also add that Cecil Fielder isn't on the list, which makes you wonder if they only used the readout from the scale under his left leg, as opposed to adding up both the left and right scales.

I call BS. Nick Blackburn is not 250 lbs.

I would like to see a list of MLB umpires tipping the scales at more than 250. My guess is that it would be more than 23.

In fact, the only umpire I can think of who isn't morbidly obese is that younger black ump who recently got called up to pros...

You know Prince is all "Uh, Dad...towel rack."

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