Burn Ng Question: When Will Seattle Hire A GM

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Like most of you, I'm sure you've had a difficult time keeping up with the playoffs while you're waiting for movement in the Mariners' GM search. Thankfully, things appear to be progressing and it won't be long until I can stop habitually refreshing the Seattle Times and can go back to addressing my job and personal hygiene regimen. According to our friend Geoff Baker, they've narrowed it down to three candidates and interviews start today! Whee! Not surprisingly, you're not on the list.

Some excerpts from Baker's blog:

Mariners GM interviews will begin on Thursday and that Jerry DiPoto, Tony LaCava and Kim Ng are the three to make the final cut from the original list of published names of first-round candidates.

That means Peter Woodfork did not make the cut. Neither did Tony Bernazard, Bob Engle or Lee Pelekoudas. It's possible that one more name -- someone who wasn't initially reported amongst the first list of candidates -- could be interviewed.

From what I'm hearing, I'd say that, of the three we're discussing, it will come down to either DiPoto or LaCava.

Ng will have her hands full competing against both. Her hands-on experience might not be quite as high when it comes to player development and evaluation. But we hear she is very good at statistical evaluation. It will all depend on what the club needs.

We've already given you our take on Ng. Perhaps the stuff Baker is hearing is actually grounded in baseball thinking and not bias, but if the two frontrunners are this clear, then Ng's interview will be nothing more than a token show of diversity. In some ways that's worse than not interviewing her at all. By giving off the impression that she actually has a shot at the job, baseball doesn't have to address issues of front office diversity. "We're fine! Look, Seattle gave that Asian broad an interview."

Earlier this week, Baker discussed the fact that many candidates were declining interviews with the team. That's a little troubling. But, in no way is this a franchise that could use a little bold thinking to shake things up. Everything is going to be just fine.

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This is a racist article by Baker. I suppose it's coincidence that you hear someone named "Ng" is good at statistical analysis?

Any of the three would be an upgrade.

Poor Darren, I guess they didn't approve of his art.

"Burn Ng", or what the pilots of the Enola Gay were ordered to do.

Where is the dabbleboard?

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