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The picture at left is one of Farthammer's World Famous CakiesĀ®. The hand holding it belongs to commenter Honeynut Ichiros, who baked a batch for last night's World Series game.

Yes, a reader in Philly baked a recipe given to him in the comments by a reader from Oakland. And apparently they were really good. To commemorate the occasion, we are hereby declaring The Cakie the "Official Dessert Treat of Walkoff Walk." This is all to smooth the transition to us becoming a food blog in the offseason since so many people have begged us to stop writing about baseball.

Below you will find Farthammer's recipe, cut and pasted verbatim from our comments section. Try em at home!

1 bag yellow cake mix

1 bag chocolate chips

1 stick butter

1 brick cream cheese

1 tsp vanilla

1 egg

Let butter and cheese get to room temp, then combine in a mixing bowl. Add egg and vanilla, combine. Then slowly add cake mix and chips. Combine thoroughly. Mixture will be thick, not unlike my johnson.

With a spoon, scoop onto a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with non-stick spray. Place in pre-heated oven at 375 degrees for 8-12 minutes.

Like I said earlier, if a few peaks on the cookies have started to brown, pull out immediately. That's the longest you should cook them; just before they brown is ideal. Usually 9-10 minutes.

If the whole cookie turns brown in the oven, flush the cookies down the toilet and drink yourself into a stupor, because you have failed the cakie experiment.

The cakie will not look symmetrical or particularly attractive. The mix is too thick to get a perfectly round cookie. But they are mighty tasty.

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Well, then, here's Phony's "Bakey":

Several large nuggets of marijuana

Pipe and/or bong


Place nugget in smoking device. Light, inhale. Pour whiskey. Drink. Repeat several times.

It's delicious!

Holy shit this is almost as exciting as the first time I beat Mike Tyson's Punchout.


I'll be e-mailing this to the wife.

Maybe next season we can call a grand slam a "grand cakie"

This is a truly epic moment. Kudos to Fartie, Honeynut, our fine editors, and all involved.

Who's making them for the season wrapup WoW pants party?

I will use these "cakies" to seduce the frumpy women in my office.

Have you seen the clips of the new Punch-Out for Wii? Strangely, there are pastries involved.

Mixture will be thick, not unlike my johnson.

I see you come from the Julia Childs school of baking.

wait, new punchout??!?

I will make these and then be arrested by the Canadian Ministry of Wellness. I will be at peace with my decision.

Freetzy just blew my mind. New punchout?

I've got a divvy of a cut here, but don't forget to save the chicken livers!


The aforementioned pastries make their entrance when some dude, who I assume is a Frenchman, gets knocked the fuck out.

That's why
I looooooove this blog


I gained 5 lbs looking at the pic.
And I'm drooling.

I know, I have sexy hands.

The OPTIMAL time in our oven was 11 minutes on the nose. It's an electric piece, so adjust accordingly for gas.

Oh, and Mrs. Ichiros took them to work today and the animals at her jobby-job put down 36 of them in less than an hour. Also, they are apparently even more delicious the second day, once the flavors have a chance to meld together. The flavor of the cake really pronounces itself after 12 or so hours. Yeah, I had a cakey for breakfast.
/shame spiral

Honeynut, you should become a hand model.
And yeah, cooking time will depend on your oven. My first batch was shit-brown, second batch was kinda brown, third was devourable.


It's like sex that way in that it takes practice and costs money for ingredients.

I love glogging for you ladies. I just want you to know that.

No doubt about cake,,, Purely seems yummy...

Flooring Florida

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