Changeups We Can Believe In: David Price is the Barack Obama of Baseball

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Several members of the American League champion Tampa Bay Rays woke up early the day after their big ALCS Game Seven win over the Red Sox, most likely hungover from Bacchanalian celebrations that lasted throughout the night, and threw their cheesy teal-colored hats into the political ring at a Democratic rally in Tampa:

Rookie pitcher David Price will introduce (Barack) Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, at the "Early Vote for Change" rally at Steinbrenner (formerly Legends) Field in Tampa. Outfielder Fernando Perez will talk about the importance of early voting. Carl Crawford, Cliff Floyd and Jonny Gomes will also be there.

Price introducing Obama? Sounds right to me. Despite your political leanings, you have to appreciate the similarities between Price and Obama. Both were relative unknowns when they first emerged on the national stage. Both performed at a high level with a calm approach in a high-intensity situation. Both are younger than most folks in their chosen profession. Both were up against old farts in a pressure situation, as Obama faced 92-year-old John McCain in three debates and Price struck out 63-year-old Jason Varitek in the ninth inning of Game Seven of the ALCS.

Most importantly, Obama and Price might meet again early next year as President Obama introduces the World Champion Rays at the White House. Either that or a dejected Senator Obama will stop by to shoot some hoops in Montgomery, Alabama with a struggling Price who got sent down to the Triple-A Biscuits. I can't predict the future, people.

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David Price began his baseball career in the living room of Jonny Gomes.

Outfielder Fernando Perez will talk about the importance of early voting.

What is so important about early voting? Does it matter as long as you do it by Nov. 4th?

Voting early helps you avoid long lines at the polls.

Also, it makes voter fraud much easier.

Vote early and vote often.

Outfielder Fernando Perez will talk about the importance of early voting.
Pitcher Dan Wheeler was supposed to talk about the importance of voting often.


And who better to spread the time-saving "vote early" advice than a September call-up whose only major league accomplishment is scoring the winning run in extra innings in the ALCS?

"Hi, this is Fernando Perez. If you're like me, you need to save as much time and energy as possible. That's why I vote early. Be like me, and maybe one day YOU too can score on a sacrifice fly."

Seeing Jonny Gomes onstage with a presidential candidate is one of my saddest moments as an American.

Vote Coco Crisp.

Will David Price agree to give a large portion of his huge signing bonus to a Rays player who is not so lucky? Perhaps David will share his bonus with a 39th round draft pick who got no signing bonus. Afterall, David is just lucky. He happens to be bright, big, and athletic. His gifts got him where he is today. He probably did not work hard to reach the majors, and, even if he did work hard, he was supposed to work hard because of his God given talents. So I think David should spread the wealth around with some of his less fortunate teammates - to make sure that those below him have a chance. The Obama doctrine.

I like Lionel Richie too but I think you've got your economic metaphors all mixed up.

Socialism is socialism. Statism is statism. We are moving towards both. Not sure what your issue is or your stance against what I asked. Isn't Price ashamed that he has so much money. Oh wait, Barney Frank said today that "there are plenty of rich people out there to tax", so maybe David will have to pay his fair share.

David Price happened to attend Vanderbilt U. The Commodores. Named after Cornelius Vanderbilt, a self-made man who decided to spread the wealth because he wanted to, not because someone told him to.

The harder I work, the more they take.

Wait, does that mean you DON'T like Lionel Ritchie?

The harder I work, the more they take.

That's what she said.

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