Chavez Ravine Steals Dodgertown Name From Vero Beach

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For fifty-five years, the Dodgers played their spring training games at Holman Stadium in sunny Vero Beach, Florida. Holman, at the intersection of Jackie Robinson Avenue and Pee Wee Reese Boulevard, was part of a complex called Dodgertown. Many Brooklyn transplants attended games during the winter months to see their beloved Bums knock around the ol' baseball. Heck, the Dodgers were so intertwined in Vero Beach that there's even a school named Dodgertown Elementary School.

In 2009, the Dodgers are packing their bags and moving to Glendale, Arizona, whose new ballpark will become their new spring training locale. It's got double the fan capacity, lots of new bells 'n' whistles, and it's a heckuva lot closer to L.A. Still, the Dodgers will be sharing this facility with the Chicago White Sox, so what will become of the Dodgertown name? Simple, it's headed to Los Angeles:

With the Dodgers in the running for the World Series, the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution calling for federal legislation to rename the area around Dodger Stadium "Dodgertown."

The resolution calls for the postmaster general to redraw a ZIP Code boundary encompassing 276 acres of Dodgers property between Academy Road to the north, Lookout Drive to the south, Stadium Way to the west and skirting the parking lot to Academy Road to the east.

"It will provide us with a different way of celebrating a major institution that does so much for the community," said City Councilman Ed Reyes, who represents the area. "We're in the running to represent the National [League] and -- keep your fingers crossed -- we could be in" the World Series.

The good folks at Baseball Think Factory point out that Councilman Reyes originally said that the Dodgers were in the running to represent the National "Division". Perhaps Reyes is too busy thinking about all the future tax revenue that he could care less about proper terminology:

The Dodgertown initiative coincides with a $500-million makeover expected to be completed by the stadium's 50th anniversary in 2012. Once complete, Reyes said Dodgertown would indeed look like "a little town," with a promenade, restaurants, shopping and a museum.

Oh that sounds so consarn elegant and completely natural. It's just like Main Street USA! How cute!

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On Saturday I am changing the name of my bedroom from Constantblowjobville to Hopefullysexonceaweekinboringmissionarystyleberg.

It's just like Main Street USA

ARRRGH BUT HOW WILL WALL STREET USA REACT??? So many changes on Wall Street are affecting Main Street and now they're building another Main Street? AAAARGH

/economic punditry

Also, someone tell Matt_T that Glavine's house is up for sale. Imagine the 84-mph stories that those walls could tell!

Good luck trying to sell that bad boy in this market. AMIRITE?

He must be tired of living the same neighborhood as half of the other athletes that live in Atlanta

The other half are in prison. ZING

Dodgertown won't mean much when the Dodgers move from LA.
Oh, teams never move. Sorry.

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