Congratulations Rocco Baldelli: Player Of Nine Innings

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The epic battle between Rocco Baldelli and his own cellular composition reached another milestone last evening. Yes, the Rays OF played a full 9 innings for the first time this season, and he chose game two of the World Series to do it. He has certainly earned that induction into the RI Italian American Hall Of Fame.

"I guess it's somewhat ironic that it comes up in the World Series, it's the one that I was able to go the longest in," Baldelli said. "It also helps to know in a week I'm not going to have play baseball for a while. So there's no reason to keep anything in reserve now."

The best news of all was Baldelli came out of the game feeling fine.

"I kind of accept it," Baldelli said regarding questions about his health. "I wish I didn't have to, but that's the situation I'm in. I know it's always going to be a topic."

It's undoubtedly a high water mark for a guy who seemed genuinely devastated when his condition was discovered. He's gone from a punchline to a story of overcoming obstacles and all that fluffy crap. I can think of no better post for our first Creampuff-less Friday of the year. Cheers to Rocco!

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congratulazioni Rocco, I will eat a capicola sandwich to celebrate your milestone.

Ironically, Rocco Siffredi's now on the DL. His wang's mitochondria fell right off.

I guess it's somewhat ironic that it comes up in the World Series

Is that irony irony or Alanis Irony?

The RI Italian hall of fame? Is that in C Block or D Block?

I prefer the Italian roll of fame. It's got extra vinegar.

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