Congratulations to the 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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So that's how you live like this, Phillies fans. Thanks, Doug Pensinger of Getty Images.

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Congrats Phillies. Congrats WoWies. Hell of a season.

I'm still kind of surprised that Lidge called for the Kneeling Hug Celebration. The result was Ryan Howard tackled the shit out of him and a dogpile ensued.

Questionable move. Congrats Philadelphia.

J.C. Romero: the four-out bridge to Lidge. Brilliant work by Peter Gammons on ESPN2 right now.


How do Iiiiiiiiii
Sayyy goodbyeeeeee
To what, we haaaaaaaaddddd

The gooooodtiiiiiimeeessss
that maaa....

That will take too long to type. Fantastic work this season. I can't wait to read WoW - Culinary Edition this offseason.

11 hours later, and it's still awesome.

Also, KWSN, there is absolutely no Fail to be found.

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