Cubs - Dodgers Antiglog: Lou Laments Late-season Lethargy

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babybear.jpgHave the Brewers provided a script for the Cubs? Living to play another day on your own turf is one thing, flying out west and playing in front of the passionate Dodgers diehards is another. Can the Cubs continue their season? Brittle Canuck Rich Harden takes the mound for the Cubs, Hot & Cold Hiroki Kuroda for the Dodgers.

The Cubs have all but eliminated the slider & splitter from Harden's repertoire, relying on his change-up to keep hitters off-balance and perhaps protect his tender bits. His National League numbers are downright ridiculous, making it difficult to argue the results. If the Cubs can scrape a few across they should be okay right? Right? Kuroda gave the Cubs a pwning in July and pitched well despite the loss in his only other start against Chicago. Looks to be a great match-up!

Additional Discussion Points! You're at a wedding. What is worse? Brutally typical (typically brutal?) wedding muzak or a couple trying way too hard to make the music cool and unique, thereby alienating the old and ignorant people in the crowd? If you find yourself thinking the bride obviously stopped discovering new music in the eighth grade and no way could you marry someone like that, does that make you a bad person? If the couple decides to play My Bloody Valentine's complete discography, are you more upset because it was boring or because you're deaf?

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I sure hope I didn't just curse the Brewers

It's all good!

Cute kid.
Nobody remembers the reception music. Or the speeches. Unless you manage to insult the groom's family with your 'humor'.

It's true that the music is forgotten, put passing judgment on the couples tastes lasts forever.

That was a lot of excessive pluralization. I'm not good with the English

Pitch F/X says he's throwing sliders, but they look pretty straight and bangable. Hmmmm. Also, Manny is ridiculous.

I think 'bangable' should be one of the pitch descriptions alongside 'slider' and 'curve'

Manny lost his helmet going around the bases.

oh no Fontenot.

Harden overthrows a pick off, giving a free base to the Dodgers. Error #6 on the cubs for the series.

Can someone please tell the Cubs that the playoffs mean trying hard?

LouPa needs to start chewing some ass.

I swear some of TBS's music makes me think I'm playing Halo.

That is a fine idea, I'll definitely play some Halo during the wee small hours tonight.

3-0 dodgers going into the 8th.

Alfonso Soriano is allergic to clutch.


The Chicago Cubs: A Century of Losing Baseball

Just goes to show, best record in the NL means jack shit in the playoffs

Especially when your hitting disappears.


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