Cubs Nix Red-Eye to L.A.; Choose to Hibernate in Own Caves

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Dodgers beat writer and badass blogger Tony Jackson got the inside information on the Cubs travel plans after Game 2 of the NLDS ended last night. Turns out that instead of immediately hopping on the private plane to jet out to the coast, Lou PIniella and his team are going to get a good night's sleep at home first and then take a morning flight. Why? Because the Cubs organization consulted a sleep doctor. Makes perfect sense to me. As per Lou:

"He said we should stay overnight tonight instead of travel after the ballgame ... so that everybody can get their full balance of sleep as opposed to sleeping all day tomorrow and not being able to sleep the night after. We'll see if he is right or not after the third game."

Sounds like Piniella's nights are colored headache grey. Joe Torre's Dodgers, on the other hand, got the heck outta Chicago as soon as the game was over. They may be sleeping late after landing in the wee small hours of the morning, but after another huge road win in Wrigley, at least they (a) can get silly drunk on the plane with those miniature bottles of bourbon and (b) get to sleep in their own beds.

We'll have no way of knowing if this difference in sleep practices affects the outcome of Game Three, but the home field advantage may prove to be the difference anyway.

Update: things got worse for Fukudome this morning.

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or (c) Alyssa Milano's bed.

Andre Ethier was happy to get back in time for a late-night meal of Ecuadorian eel testicles.

What I want to know is if a) Torre picks his nose when he's outside of the dugout as much as he does when he's in it, and b) if players make bets about how many times Joe will go digging for diamonds on long flights.

she could help them with their circadian rhythm

When you fly private you don't get stuck with those little bottles, you can booze out of a man-sized jug of whiskey.

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