Doug Melvin Absolutely Dying To Go On Vacation

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Last week, Rob regaled you with the rather humorous list of former Mets managers being considered for the Brewers head job. Unfortunately our (and you gotta think most people's) dreams of a battle Royale ending in several dead former Mets will not come to fruition. The Brewers have interviewed 3 candidates for the job, Randolph being the only one from that aforementioned group, and he says he's probably not going to interview any more.

Brewers general manager Doug Melvin confirmed Wednesday that he has interviewed former Oakland manager Ken Macha and former New York Mets manager Willie Randolph for the job. Melvin said he will interview former Arizona manager Bob Brenly today.

And Melvin might just stop there.

"I don't know if I'm going to interview a fourth or fifth (candidate)," Melvin said. "I think they are three strong candidates.

"I know that they all have been let go by other teams but they have pretty good track records."

I picture these quotes being tossed off without eye contact as Melvin scrolls through flights to Barbados on Travelocity. The following line also helped with that impression.

Melvin is aware that the Mets collapsed down the stretch in 2007 under Randolph and lost the NL East crown to Philadelphia.

Yeah that's a good thing to be "aware of." During the interview, Melvin also said he was "aware" that when a ball is hit out of the park while fair it's called a home run.

Personally, I think Randolph deserves another shot at a head job. I've always wondered why Brenly never got another gig after winning a title with the Diamondbacks. I mostly chalked it up to Mustache Discrimination. And Ken Macha well... I know every single thing about his tenure with the A's from that one day he filled in for Jerry Remy on NESN. It's very likely that one of these men could be a halfway decent candidate.

But it's just Melvin's tone in the piece that makes him sound like he's halfassing his search. When asked when an announcement would be made he said, "I'd like to do it... HONEY. GET IN HERE. IF WE BOOK THIS ROOM NOW WE GET A FREE NIGHT AND A VISA GIFT CARD!"

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Doug Melvin is going to have one drink in every fake country in EPCOT, and then puke in the El Rio Del Tiempo ride at Fake Mexico.

Wouldn't it be easier if Melvin had the three candidates run the sausage race? Winner gets the job.

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