Down Again to the Sox, Scioscia Promises Change, Health Care Plan

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Mike Scioscia's powder keg offense didn't do much against Boston's Jon Lester in Game One of the ALDS, managing to score but one run against the Red Sox ace. Coach Mike is not gonna sit on his hands and wait for things to happen though, he's promising change right away for tonight's Game Two matchup in Anaheim:

"We're considering a few things," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said before Thursday's workout at Angel Stadium. "The core of our lineup will remain the same. We have a lot of confidence in what our guys can do on the offensive side."

Scioscia declined to state what the changes would be other than (Ervin Santana's personal catcher Jeff) Mathis will replace Mike Napoli as catcher.

Conventional wisdom says that Scioscia is going to sit down right fielder Gary Matthews Jr, who went 0-for-3 with a misplayed fly ball in Game One's loss. Who might give the sagging Angels an offensive boost? None other than Kendry Morales!

Morales, a switch-hitter, started at designated hitter against (Daisuke) Matsuzaka last October in Game 2 of the ALDS. He also pinch-hit against closer Jonathan Papelbon in Game 1 on Wednesday and lined a hard single to right field.

Eek, the Angels are trying to get an offensive boost from someone who spent most of the season in Triple A Salt Lake City? Didn't the Angels trade for Mark Teixeira to get a little offensive boost? Worst of all, they're facing a pitcher tonight whose only fault has been his tendency to issue too many walks, while the Angels biggest fault has been a tendency to swing at too many pitches outside the strike zone. That combination is about as dangerous for Anaheim as the time Gay Day at Disneyland coincided with Dropped Change Day.

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Yeah, Matsuzaka is probably the most worrisome pitcher for the Red Sox in the playoffs, but the "Play the Game the Right Way" Angels have the patience of a five year old with ADD. So that's not going to mix well.

It'll be fun to see more columns waxing Sciosca's balls about how great a manager he that streak runs up to 11 (I think? It's friday)

My Grammar-Fu is strong today. "about how great a manager he IS, WHEN that streak..."

Worst of all, Angels hitting coach Mickey Hatcher is encouraging the batters to swing away.

Should be a quick game.

In the photo Mike Sciocia is holding a invisible over-ized novelty cookie.

How the fuck did these clowns ever win 100 games? Sometimes the game just does things to irritate me.

Mike, switch your lineup around. Worked like a charm for Lou last night!

Maybe those AJC writers were right when they said Tex wasn't clutch.

Aren't they supposed to average 6 runs a game? That means they will have to score 11 today to keep up with that average. Watch out Dice K.

There's no such thing as clutch!

I forgot the sarcasm tag. Whoops!

Yeah there is, it went out all the time in my 82 plymouth champ when I was in high school.

@ BC Twins

I bet that was about the only thing that ever got to go out in that car!


What's really sad is that it was a step up from my first car. My first car was a 78 Chevy Nova that my grandma bought new. That was a huge chick repellent.

BTW, This was in 1997

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