Early Evening Elucidation - Lloyd's Illuminations on the Game 3 Lineups

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breadline.gifThe scene shifts to Philly so Uncle Cliffy's out a job. He will have to make do with being a bench-dwelling gangsta. The Rays DH by committee has produced here and there during the post-season, but no one guy has caught fire enough to play every day. I don't think they'll miss the production too much. Cholly Manuel didn't seem to have a real grasp on the concept, using his backup catcher and backup third basemen in the first two games. What have they got for us tonight?

Shout at the Devil Rays - Sending Matt Garza to the hill is generally a good idea, as he's quite excellent. His big-time performance in Game 7 of the ALCS will not soon be forgotten, hopefully his lizardly tendencies will be.

The return of Overmanagin Joe Maddon! With crafty lefty Jamie Moyer on the mound, Micromanaging Joe opts to start the struggling left handed bat of Gabe Gross. Gross has never faced Moyer in game action, so your guess is as good as mine. What are you playing at here Joe? Gross is terrible, left handed and hasn't played in a week.

The rest of the lineup looks as you would expect. The Fat Catcher moves up to 6th in the order by virtue of the three (Gross, Bartlett & Garza) punchless bats in the lineup. Non-traditional Maddon has opted for 4 left handed bats in his starting 9. Whatever works Wacky Joe!

The Fightin Phils - Jamie Moyer makes his World Series debut at the ripe old age of 45 on what might end up being a cold, wet night. That can't be good for those old bones. Obviously a control pitcher, the free-swinging Rays may capitalize on his great love of the strike zone. As a team, they smack the living shit out of finesse pitchers like Moyer. Carlos Pena and Carl Crawford both have excellent career numbers against the lefty in 20 PAs. How will Old Man River cope with the Rays jumping on his early get-me-over fastballs?

Maybe Undermanagin Charlie Manuel sends out the same line up that faced James Shields in Game 2. The Adelphias offensive struggles are well documented so one can assume Manual believes a little home-cookin will provide the spark.

Both bullpens come in well rested, only converted starter David Price has threw a significant amount of pitches in the first two games. If the weather continues to be disagreeable, long delays will end the starters outings early on, so the long men will play a big role. If they even play at all.

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