Early Evening Elucidation - Lloyd's Illuminations on the Game 4 Lineups

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breadline.gifGame 3 didn't represent the best of baseball, but what it lacked in execution it made up in drama. Dramatic attrition. What does Overmanagin' Joe Maddon got in store for us tonight? Will he insert Cliffy Floyd into right field? Did anyone bothering waking up Charlie Manuel from his afternoon nap, or did they just rubber stamp the same lineup he's gone with all series?

The Devil's in the the Detail Rays - The right field carousel continues to spin. Back in right is Ben Zobrist, utilityman to the stars! The Rays outfield is so rangy that Maddon can get away with a converted infielder in right field. He gives Maddon plenty of versatility in the late innings also, perhaps allowing a better hitter to take Jason Bartlett's place should the situation demand it.

Andy Sonnanstine is a control pitcher that only one Phillie has seen before. He pitched reasonably well in the first two playoff rounds, drawing 13 ground balls out of the Red Sox in 7.1 innings in addition to numerous questions regarding his tribe membership. He's a stuff guy that well let everyone know right away if he's on.

Uncle Cholly's Xerox Squad - Steady Charles doesn't want to mess with a lineup that is, for all intents and purposes, working. The Phils keep getting people on base, it's but a matter of time before the floodgates open. Jimmy Rollins and Jayson Werth were on base 5 times last night, if not for Dioner Navvarro's cannon and Jayson Werth's braincramps, they will come around to score more often that not. If the top of the order sets the table against a guy known to struggle in the early innings, this could be over before it starts.

Joe Blanton spent 3.5 years in the American League, so he knows most Rays hitters. Again, Carlos Pena and Carl Crawford have good career numbers in limited at bats against Blanton, as they do against Moyer, which translated into jack shit last night. Nothing about Blanton really jumps off the page, aside from his poor choice of facial hair. He throws four pitches, all around the same speed. If he doesn't put too many guys on base, he should be fine.

I think this is the Phillies game to lose. Their offense is poised to explode, it will take something extra special from Total Eclipse of the Sonny to keep the Rays from the brink.

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Chili's new Buffalo Chicken Crisper bites are amazing.

Yeah, I ate at Chili's this weekend.


CTC should be here soon to liveglog. I just got home from my first ever Eagles game in Philadelphia! And it only took three hours to get home!

they looked good in the commercial. But I wasn't sure if that was just due to my current state of mind

I'ma orderin pizza and eating until I look like Joe Blanton.

They didn't have cakies, despite my numerous letters to Mr. Chili.

I live next door to a Chili's. I prefer their spicy chicken sandwich. And tequila body shots.

Rob, why did you do that? Did you at least get wasted?

Rob, I thought they made you move your refrigerator box out of the parking lot?

I'm gay for Harry Kalas' voice.

I went with my chick and her parents. She's an Eagles fan, and since I made her become a Yankees fan, I became an Eagles fan to make things even-steven.

the eagles got a lucky break on that muffed punt. Heh. Muff.

On the ESPN Radio feed, Joe Morgan referred to the Phillies #1 starter as "Chris Hamels". It's a contest between Morgan and McCarver to see who can make me want to tear my fucking hair out faster.

Rick Sutcliffe just said, in as many words, that RBI is a horseshit stat. That is a substantial paraphrase, but I read between the lines.

I'm here yo. Come join me.

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