Folks in Philadelphia Take to the Streets, Manage to Not Turn Cars Over

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Our pal D-mac brings us video evidence that people in Philadelphia are just looking for a reason to celebrate without resorting to violence and/or arson.

Says D-mac: "Philly doesn't win enough for people to fight after wins". Makes sense.

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I'd like it better if they celebrated like Boston does by killing or blinding some Red Sox fans.

Which one is Honeynut Ichiros and which one is that grumpy guy with the huge chip on his shoulder?

Vids like that would be cooler if "Wild In The Street" by Circle Jerks was playing in the background

My girls and I drove up and down Broad Street last night, honking the horn and high-fiving people on the median and sidewalk. It was the largest outpouring of positive energy I've seen in Philadelphia in, well, forever.

Whee! Circle Jerks!

Can we get a Golden Shower of Hits?

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