Frankie Rodriquez, Bill Maher Put Angels in 2-0 Hole

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rem.jpgKnowing his team needed to be loose going into Game 2 against the Red Sox, Mike Scioscia encouraged his players to have fun on gameday, perhaps enjoy a movie at the local Googoplex. Frankie Rodriquez mistakenly took in Bill Maher's latest film Religulous and now his team is paying the price.

Despite being panned by most critics, K-Rod found Maher's crashing into the broadside of a barn compelling and thought-provoking. Thoughts that clouded his head during his long day in the bullpen. When called upon to pitch, his thoughts were with Richard Dawkins and the nature of creation, rather than getting his slider down to JD Drew. Handing the lead back to the Sox after his team had tied the game only shook Rodriquez further.

After every save, I offer my thanks to the Lord. But what if He isn't listening? What if He isn't there??? What if my overwrought celebrations and homages are for nothing? I tried to let my Faith guide me, but we lost. Is it a message? A test? Perhaps a mere baseball game isn't enough to attract God's attention. This whole thing has me baffled, I think I'm going to make a pilgrimage this offseason:

With his team down 2-0 in the series, Rodriquez knows it will take a miracle to come back against the dominant Red Sox, a miracle he isn't sure he believes in any more:

Maybe God has nothing to do with it, maybe we just need to play better defense. What if our success is due to timely hits not Divine Intervention? I think I need to lie down
Rodriquez was seen leaving the ballpark with the complete works of Ayn Rand under his arm.

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What if he was just a stranger on the bus

Is that Peter Buck in the corner?

If by religion, you mean "house I wagered on the Angels in game two" than I am definitely losing that.

So let me get this straight, Frankie Rodriguez just PROVED that the Red Sox winning means there is no God...

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