Hey Guys, Don't Forget About Your Old Pal, Schill!

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With the Red Sox and Rays getting ready to commence an ALCS that is, in my estimate, almost about as anticipated as any Sox/Yanks series, the spotlight is fully on both teams. Rotation announcements were being treated as big news, each regular season matchup is being reanalyzed and rehashed. As anticipation builds to a fever pitch you're probably not asking yourself the same question I'm not asking myself? Hey, where's Curt Schilling? I haven't thought about him in well over 3 months, and for obvious reasons he is totally irrelevant to the kickoff of tomorrow's series.

Well of course, Curt aint having that. Cue up th..zzzzzzzzzz

Dr. Craig Morgan said yesterday that if the Red Sox had followed his advice to operate on Schilling's shoulder last winter, the righthander likely would have been ready for the postseason.

"If the [team] would have let me do the surgery in January, he'd probably be pitching in the playoffs now," Morgan said in a telephone interview.

Only 3 1/2 months after the operation was performed, Morgan yesterday described Schilling's shoulder as "phenomenal."

And in no way shape or form did Schilling suggest to Morgan that he make these public comments. None at all. He's too busy campaigning to lower himself into this fray.

The timing of comments like this make them look like nothing so much as pathetic. The Red Sox are playing for the pennant. They did it without a single pitch from number 38. Why would Morgan/Schilling think the team would be stung by a game of "I Told You So," right now? It's a moot point.

Curt, go enjoy the $8 million retirement gift that was your 2008 contract. Hell of a gold watch. Then you and your cronies pipe down for awhile.

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I thought the exact same thing when I saw this shit. Earlier in the year, I forget what point it is, it was "leaked" that Schilling would consider playing for the Yankees if the Sox didn't sign him again. Actually, I think it came from the same doctor.

What an attention whore.

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