Idiot Fan Takes Bottle To Idiot Head

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If you haven't been perusing the YouTubes for videos of Philadelphia "people" celebrating their win last night, you're missing out. I'll be doing my best to pass the savings on to you today.

Get a load of this dope. The video title describes him as a Rays fan, but he's shirtless so you really can't tell. He gets hit with a bottle in the spot where it does least amount of damage. Enjoy!

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Well the light was green, so he was open season.

There are some places that never, ever disappoint. Philly is one of those places.

+1 to the guy who threw the bottle.

That bottle was certianly not thrown by So Taguchi, who hasn't hit the cutoff man in years.

boom, bitch

@Gorge: I'll be disappointed if that wasn't a 40.

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