Jake Peavy Refuses to Look Gift Horse in Mouth

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fish bowl.jpgThe drunken 3am meat-market that is the baseball offseason hasn't officially begun, but that won't keep GMs everywhere from shooting covetous glances at Jake Peavy. The rumours are already flying, linking Peavy with a number of potential teams. Every team in the baseball would improve by adding Peavy, but only half have a shot. Gaslamp Ball reports that the rumours have upset Peavy, but Jake knows he holds all the cards. His biggest stipulation? He won't go to the American League.

Why wouldn't Peavy want to switch leagues? CC Sabathia, Rich Harden, Johan Santana, even Joe freaking Blanton successfully switched this year, didn't they? Ah yes, all that water flowed downhill...

Miguel Batista. Brett Tomko. Matt Clement. Crazy stuffed but stuffed full of crazy AJ Burnett. These are National League pitchers that signed as free agents with AL teams in recent years. They're all terrible.

Other than run-supported Andy Pettitte and HoF locks like Clemens and early Pedro, very few pitchers successfully transition from the National League. Peavy could be a trendsetter, leaving the fertile fields of satin jacketed baserunners to face the fat, slow guys that do nothing but hit dingers and watch tape.

Peavy's reasonable contract and excellent numbers will bring the rebuilding Padres quite a haul, despite his trepidation. Maybe he likes to hit? Maybe he appreciates all the free outs given out via sacrifice bunts? I guess I can't blame him. People that live in San Diego don't generally book New England vacations in February.

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Look out folks, Peavy is peaved.

Gourmet Spud was good enough to write almost the same piece of this at Deadspin, but he included the money quote from Maddux regarding his career in the NL: "I'm not stupid".


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