Jeff Kent: Motorcycle Enthusiast, Homophobe, Political Activist

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Dodgers second baseman Jeff Kent probably doesn't care much for politics. He's usually too busy talking trash about Vin Scully or tooling around on his hog to get involved in the political process, and who can blame him? He's a professional baseball player, not a consarned community activist!

But with the threat of same-sex marriage on the horizon in California, Kent is putting his money where his foul mouth is, donating $15,000 to support Proposition 8, which would impose a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman. Because if we let the gays get married, what's next, letting a man marry a dog? Amirite? Amirite?

Seriously, folks, we don't hide our political affiliations here at Walkoff Walk. If you've read us for even just one month, you know where CTC and I stand on most issues. We try to not preach to our readers about politics, or music taste, or cinema, or television or anything. We're a baseball blog. Yes, we may suggest certain things with our words, pictures, and videos, but we don't want to offend our readership by telling you what to do...until now.

We are firmly against Proposition 8 and, were we Californians, we would vote no on this heinous matter. Were we Californians, we'd also probably share a bungalow in Santa Rosa and spend our weekends at the wineries and restaurants in Napa and Sonoma, but that's a matter for a different day. We disagree with Mr. Kent's stand and wish he had spent that $15,000 on something more worthwhile, like a 17-day European cruise with our own Todd Jones. Folks, regardless of if you agree with us, get out there and vote on Tuesday.

(We owe some Frescas to BBTF Newsblog)

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If you've read us for even just one month

No Rays fans read this blog, so this hypothetical is not relevant.

Todd loves a good cruise. A good Cruz, not so much.

The $15K check harrumphs, "I'm straight, dude." But the mustache squeals, "See you in the alley, sailor."

At least he didn't star in a video with "celebrities" to fight those damn stemmed cellz ala Mr. Jeff Suppan.

If you're inclined:

If it passes I guess you and CTC will have to plan your honeymoon elsewhere



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